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Serreph / Sep 14, 2014
Or... Are you?

The time has come, one and all, for Free Lessons to venture into Genetic Archives! Tuesday afternoon (Time TBA Soon), 20 of us will delve into the mysterious depths of GA, in hopes of claiming our very first raid boss kill.
Now, before we get to the guts and glory, let's get to the basics.

First off, EXPECT WIPES. No one here is a Professional at GA yet. We will die. Shit happens! That's the beauty of raiding in a new MMO. It's all about learning the fights and mechanics. With that said, keep in mind that there are plenty of guides online that you can look up for the boss fights, and even the mini bosses. So do a little homework. While we may not have a complete grasp of the concept until we actually get there and see it first hand, we can still have a rough idea of what to expect.

Secondly, do your part to prepare for it. Potions, boosts, ensuring your gear has runes put in, and try to maximize your heals/dps/tanking. Guides are out there with what abilities to use for which fights, Amp set ups, etc.

Finally, let's take this seriously, but at the same time, let's have fun. It's a game, after all, and they are meant to be enjoyed. We can crack jokes, which we always do (Dell loves to go Full Retard and apparently I love the Bone Zone). But when it comes to the down and dirty fights, let's keep it professional, yeah?

So let's do this ladies and gentlemen! Come Tuesday night I want to see a nice, big, fat, glorious screenshot of Free Lessons standing in front of a DEAD Experiment X-89!
Pantyraid / Sep 09, 2014
I get everything. The reward is the feeling of self satisfaction you get from killing the bosses.


I really want the process to be as fair as possible, so I figure it's going to go something a little like this:

20 man raid. Say we have two Stalker tanks. We kill X89. Two pieces of stalker tank loot drop. Both of them will roll. Highest roll gets choice, the other tank gets the other piece of gear (unless he wants to pass it to someone else). Main spec will always get first choice, then off specs.

Same process for DPS/Healz. We have 4 Espers who have chosen to do damage as their primary specialization. One piece drops (with super nice sockets). They all get to roll, highest one gets it and doesn't get gear until the other people all get another piece.

The overall mentality I am going for is I want everyone to recognize us as a team - one person get's gear, our 20 man goes that much more smoothly.

Of course we can discuss the pieces of loot when they drop on the spot. Ideally, everyone is happy with where the loot goes. If they can't be, they gotta roll.

Comments/Questions welcomed
Your Friendly Neighborhood Panty
Serreph / Sep 06, 2014
So after some heavy debating amongst the officers of the guild, the decision was passed to transfer servers after Carbine came out on their forums saying Megaservers will not hit for at least 12 weeks.

This is a sad day indeed. We had hoped to stick it out on Warbringer, thinking that Megaservers were coming sooner rather than later. That would have meant that all the required transferring of members, perks and bank items would have been automated by Carbine. Unfortunately that is no longer the case.

SO! The plan is now to transfer to Pergo, and to continue our massive progression push towards raiding. Keep your head held high, and we will push through this with all the brute force necessary to ensure our guilds survival and success.
Serreph / Aug 24, 2014
Ladies and Gentlemen, we are getting so very close to finally being able to raid. Get your last bits of attunement done and join us in Genetic Archives!

Ask for help, we won't bite! We just have a fever... A fever that can only be cured... With more Cowbe---- With more Raiding!

So, without Further Ado.. The first boss of Genetic Archives: Experiment X-89!
(If you don't know, he's got 23.2 Million health, and hits me for anywhere between 9000-12500 per hit as a tank... Gruesome Stuff!)